Motivating Communities

June 14, 2010

I’m now in a session at Enterprise 2.0 learning how to measure social media activity within communities and entire populations. Here are a few of the resources these guys have shared with us so far…

Google Sets

Searchword Research

Next up in the session – 40 minutes about what you should think about when working with communities and social media. Analytics that apply to the social media and Website landscape.

The session is called Enterprise Communilytics. Here is the description…

Last year, at Enterprise 2.0, we took a look at the tools used to monitor social media platforms. The market has matured greatly since – and many new tools and techniques exist to help you understand more about your brand presence online.

This year, we’re going to cover how measurement practices and tools are applied to every day social media campaigns. You will leave with a practical understanding of measurement concepts as they’re applied to digital strategies. We’ll spend time looking at real campaigns that we’ve launched, and how we measured them to determine their successes and failures. We will cover some material from our book, Complete Web Monitoring, but most of the content in this session comes from recent campaigns that we’ve launched and new concepts that we didn’t have a chance to write in the first edition.

Alistair Croll, Founder, Bitcurrent
Sean Power, Consultant and Analyst, Co-Founder, Watching Websites

It’s good stuff with a lot of practical information. Glad I made the trip to Boston today. Conference goes for another three days. More info here.