Motivational Speaking

November 9, 2007

Have you been doing your homework? What about the writing assignments here on Well, I’m in the midst of a conference that is all about writing.

It’s Crime Bake, put on by the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime New England, and this is the sixth annual writers’ conference.

The best thing about the event is the relationships people forge when they’re here and the incentive people feel to do some writing after they hear the stories of success from other writers.

Personally, my mystery writing has ground to a halt. I’m doing a lot of commercial business copywriting and am not sure that mysteries hold a future for me.

In fact, the place that I really have found a niche is in column writing. I currently create columns for the local paper, for a national mountain biking publication and I also publish columns on my blog and podcast.

But it doesn’t matter the genre you’re planning to excel in (or the field in which you’re already a success), it’s invigorating to spend some time around other writers and bask in their energy and support. It’s a similar feeling to the one I got after a few days at Podcamp Boston 2 a few weeks ago.

Maybe I should just travel the world going to conferences to remain inspired. Hmmm.

With that in mind, stay tuned. I may just have a new assignment for you before the weekend is over.

Keep writing!