My #3Words Post for 2016

December 31, 2015

That was a trial, but well worth the effort. As many have done before, I decided to select three words for 2016. Once chosen, these words will be shared with my friends and family via a blog post or social media channel status update. These words, once shared and made public, are supposed to correspond with the actions or activities I take part in over the coming 12 months.


While it sounds pretty simple, it’s definitely a task to come up with words that are powerful enough to act as drivers while still having a broad enough definition to apply to a variety of life’s situations.


Enough explaining what the words do and on to sharing them.

My #3words for 2016 are…




Connect: In 2016 I plan to connect more fully and authentically with the people I care about. I also plan to forge connections with companies and people who might benefit from my skills and who I see as valuable to my personal and professional growth. I’d like to do much more of my connecting face to face. But I won’t shy away from leveraging online and technology tools to jumpstart the connecting process.


Reflect: Recognizing the impact I have on others is important. Recognizing the impact I have on myself is also vital. In 2016 I plan to spend time on introspection. Taking account of where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with, and how my participation is received will help me better understand what drives me, what makes me happy, and how I can have a positive impact on those around me.


Perform: Both literally and figuratively, I have the need to perform. Be it on the banjo – which I’ve prematurely abandoned; through the use of my camera – with which I’ve been able to inspire and entertain thousands of people, but there are millions more who could be touched by my artwork; or as a thoughtful human in business and social situations – performing means being true to my word, delivering on promises and surprising my community with thoughtfulness and thoroughness…I will strive to perform for all my audiences in 2016.


This might appear in new projects like BucketChat or via existing venues like my photo Website or the galleries that currently showcase my photography. Ultimately, performing up to my potential is a huge goal in the coming year.

Do you have #3words? Do you have thoughts on my choices? I welcome you to contact me with your thoughts.


I’d be glad to connect with you, reflect honestly on your comments and perform my best for you in making things clear.