OnStar and Chevy Volt at CES

January 5, 2010

OnStar and Chevy paired today to make an announcement about the start of Volt production and about some functionality OnStar is offering with a new car-connected mobile app.

Maria Rohrer – Director Chevy Volt Marketing said the car is “very real and on time.”

According to Rohrer, the Volt is an extended range electric vehicle.

To that end, OnStar has introduced and is working toward integrated electical management, stats and communication from drivers to their cars.

Sounds like it’s a robot car.

Additionally, OnStar has launched an app on multiple mobile platforms that allows owners to get car info, communicate and give commands to their car, and even see diagnostic info.

During the OnStar/Volt session, a person in the audience was able to lock the car doors on their Android phone via the app.


What’s your take?