Open Coffee – Networking – Image

August 12, 2009

Just a quick thought that I wanted to get on electrons before it escaped my sieve-like mind.

When you’re attending an Open-Coffee or similar networking session, wouldn’t it be great to have a whiteboard or some other sign-in mechanism to give new arrivals a view of the people in the room?

Just showed up at Cambridge Open Coffee at Andala Coffee House and the room is packed with people shouting at each other over the street noise.

With 15 people in the room before I wandered in, I have no idea where to start, who’s here and what’s already been discussed.

In fact, when I arrived today, the group was sitting in a campground circle vigorously talking about something.

It’s settled a little bit now, but I still have to get up and poke each and every person to find out their story and share mine if applicable.

What’s your experience in going to networking and tech gatherings?

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