Perfectly Seasoned

December 17, 2009

Last night was #nogup2. An event that had its roots in an impromptu suggestion from Christine Major and Amy Greenlaw in late 2008.

Back then, both women were excited (and still are) about their connection with the Boston social media scene. Although they live in the desolate, far reaches of New Hampshire…tickling the Canadian border and perhaps the Arctic Circle, they asked if somebody would host/organize an eggnog-themed Tweetup.


See all the amazing photos by searching the Web for #nogup and #nogup2. And you can see Derek’s photos of the event HERE.

If you’re unaware of the word Tweetup, it’s essentially a party/meeting/gathering that takes place practically anywhere and for any reason and is organized using the social media tool Twitter – among other communication devices.

Well, the original #nogup took place at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. The attendees numbered ten (if you count @robertcollins who was lost somewhere on the chilly metro-Boston street and @clownface3 who suggested that we stop worrying about Bob and put our iPhones down long enough to enjoy some Nog).

As reminiscence breeds affection, Christine asked me this year if I thought another Nog-up was in order. I contemplated how tough it would be to get ten people together at a bar in the middle of winter and jumped at the opportunity. Holy cow, holy night, unsilent night!

What transpired was memorable, fun and actually charitable. Here are some of the things I recall from last night’s #nogup2 (a list of attendees can be found below that and you can see the invitation and charity details at Eventbrite). Further, if you were there and have some details I missed while I was singing “Pour Some Eggnog on Me” or digging into a massive bowl of Shepherd’s Pie, add them in the comments. Thanks!

The bar staff ran out to buy eggnog at the local Trader Joe’s when they realized I was serious that 75 people were expected.

Steve Garfield gave out copies of his book…………….cover on little cards to those in attendance early. (Get Seen is coming out soon and is available for pre-order on Amazon)

Christine, Kelley, Josh and others sang in front of other noggers – Karaoke is DANGEROUS.

The 50/50 raffle, the book donation bin and the gift cards – all done for Room to Grow – were magnificently successful.

The Yankee Swap was a little less successful and was called ‘Poopy’ by one attendee. I immediately blamed the economy, the patrons in the Asgard who were not at #nogup2 and the deceptively cuddly badger – which looks really cute on Animal Planet but is really mean.

Trooper Gradon Tripp who had to put up with me from noon until 10PM as he attended NomX3 at Bar10 and then kicked off the #nogup with Mike Langford and myself at 4:30 (start time wasn’t until 5:40).

People put everything from Baileys to rum to Amaretto in their eggnog – and because we did this year’s Nog-up in the traditional low-key manner (no name badges and no sign-in list) it was a great way to identify who was there for noggin’.

Derek Peplau won the evening’s Susan Boyle award when he belted out 99 Red Balloons in German, IN TUNE and with amazing spirit. He thanked the academy and announce that he was soon appearing on Dancing with the Stars – his other great love.

Others on stage – namely me – were less able to carry a tune, follow lyrics on a screen or even remember the phrase ‘Pour some eggnog on me’. Were it not for backup singers @pistachio @ellenrossano @stales, I would have been booed off the Karaoke stage faster than @eric_andersen checks into Foursquare.

Rich Sands – for turning a four-hour flight from New York to Boston into a cameo at the Nog-up. Great to see him.

And also, a hearty smile to both Bob Collins and Gretchen who are now considered Nog-up vets.

Shwen popped in for a moment – great to see him.

There was even a Dmitri Gunn sighting, another friendly face.

Finally, the holiday fairies delivered a burst of snow that made Cambridge resemble a winter wonderland for a brief moment on a chilly December eve.

All-in-all, I want to thank everyone for coming and reinforcing my belief that Boston is the best social media city in the world.

Happy Holidays!

Attendees – or not. As I mentioned, I didn’t sign people in. But these folks signed up to attend and there were many more who showed up without signing up.

Anya Downing

Ted McEnroe

Matt Bertuzzi

David Fisher

Jenny Dambek

John Smith

Albert Willis

Laura Fitton

Allison Frasso

Chris Eustace

Allen Bonde

Shwen Gwee

Jennie White

Kerry Israel

Michelle Heath

Laurie Davis

Sarah Greenwood

Andy Carvin

Steve Garfield

Liz Carver

Mike Langford

Greg Nolley

Jamie Bradley

Mick Darling

Leah Rodriguez

Thomas Clifton

Erin Hines

Shava Nerad

Jayna Dinsmore

Rachel Levy

David Gallant

Thomas Edwards

Lisa Johnson

Maggie Battista

Alicia Benjamin

Kara Brickman

Rick Allen

Tamsen McMahon

Lil Pecan

Jim Storer

Rachel Happe

Tracy Lee Carroll

Susan (Sooz) Kaup

Josh Bob

Justin M. Whitaker

Nicholas Peterson

Jenny Frazier

Rich Sands

M. Durwin

Paul Harvey

Christine Major

Biana Bakman

Phumelele Trasada

Kelley Kassa

Derek Peplau

Meredith Kench

Bobbie Carlton


Renee Hopkins

Joe Cascio

Leslie Poston

Marissa Lowman

Carissa Caramanis O’Brien

Melissa Massello

Ellen Rossano

Alicia Staley

Zach Braiker

Gradon Tripp

Karen Costa

Jeff Cutler

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