Poking around the Web

August 1, 2008

While waiting for the Macbook to get repaired, I did some maintenance on my blogs and found that a few people were linking to me. Here’s one.

This lady is a college graduate who majored in PR and Spanish. But that’s not the remarkable thing. What’s remarkable is that she understands the value of time and family and life. At 23, no less.

If you have a minute or two, spend some time on her blog.

Second, my reading of the questions for the Ethicist podcast came out today.

Listen here [audio:http://podcasts.nytimes.com/podcasts/2008/07/31/01cohen.mp3]

These questions were for Randy Cohen of the New York Times. This podcast is not my gateway to greatness (as my voice is perfect for silent movies and my looks are great for radio). This podcast appearance IS another example of how making contact with good people can result in fun and memorable experiences.

Thanks Randy!

That’s all for now.

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