Putting the social in media. Supporting your community.

August 17, 2009

Chris Brogan’s latest book came out today. It’s called Trust Agents and he co-wrote the book with Julien Smith.

You know what I did when I found out that the book had hit newstands? Right, I bought it.

Really. I went to Amazon and dropped about $20 including shipping to buy his book.

Am I going to read it? Maybe. Am I going to learn anything from it. Only if I read it, and then maybe not. But I still felt some glee in buying a copy.


Because it’s important to support the people you care about. This includes family, friends, lovers and those in your community in whom you believe. Chris is one of these people.

He gives his time and opinion freely. He shares insight and perspective openly. And he’s a valuable connection and friend in the social media space.

Further, I’m a published author.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but my first book came out in 2000. As an author I know firsthand what it’s like to give birth to a book. It’s amazing and chilling and fun and humbling. And what makes it even better is knowing that people will pay money to read your words.

That’s why I do a lot of the things I do in the social media fishbowl. Seriously.

I’m making a good portion of my income by training people how to tweet better and how to incorporate blogging and content creation into their enterprise. But if you ask me about blogging while we’re at an ice cream tweetup or during a taping of LUNCH, I’ll share my thoughts. That’s what the social part is all about.

I volunteered to show up on Permission TV on Thursday, do a guest spot on Word on the Tweet a week ago, and co-host an event with Ford Motor Company tomorrow in Cambridge.

Somewhere there are maxims and fortune cookies that tell of how great the return is when you give a little of yourself. It’s true. But I’m getting something back that’s greater than my time and attention. I’m getting to be around and learn from some really fun and smart people.

Folks like John Cass – who knows more about business operations and marketing than I could ever learn in two years of MBA classes.

Guys like Matt Searles – who keeps the oddest hours on the planet but has still self-published a bunch of music and shows up to support me at most of my random events.

Women like Laura Fitton – who also has a book out and gives all the credit to her co-authors for making it possible.

And the rest of the community who inspire me with their actions, their words and their presence. The stuff these people share isn’t something you can find in a book.

Or maybe it is. Why not take a quick jaunt over to Amazon and find out.

Kudos Mr. Brogan. Good work.

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