Query Tuesday

April 22, 2008

After sending off a few queries this morning, I’m ready to jump back into my Filemaker database and enter that info.

You shouldn’t be surprised that a big part of writing is also business. Instead of being ensconced in an office where the record-keeping and the payroll and the lunch and the HVAC and the security is taken care of…being the full-time freelancer is a job that requires many hats.

Let’s not get off topic and think of Mr. Wonka and his assortment of hats, but there are days that are going to include fewer key banging and more phone calls, errands and mundane office work.

After my recent Key West research trip, where I learned more about Hemingway, I have begun to think that old Ernest had it pretty well. His wife (and all his wives) looked after the house while all he had to do was wander to his studio for 700 words and then to the harbor to go fishing and the bar to get completely littered.

Maybe he had something. This post isn’t quite 700 words, but I know I’ve written something on the order of 2000 today in various forms. Maybe it’s time to go put the bike rack on the car and do a little brainstorming in the woods on the mountain bike.

And maybe it’s time to sit right here in the library and get some more ideas down on paper. Tomorrow will be 80° so if I get Wednesday’s work done today then the biking or other stuff can happen outside in a day.

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