Romney’s Binders – IRL – Mass Women’s Political Caucus

October 19, 2012

As happens when you are tied to the Internet, I realized an opportunity yesterday that wouldn’t have occurred if I were less dependent on my iPhone. I had just made a stop near Boston Common to pick up some supplies from a friend when I decided to spend a few minutes looking at Twitter before driving away.

I was risking more rush-hour traffic and higher blood pressure, but I soldiered on and clicked around Twitter.

This exercise took me about four minutes – four minutes with which I could have been happily motoring toward home. But, because I remained put I got an opportunity most political pundits (especially this week) only dream about. My friend rushed back to the car and asked me, “Do you want to see the binders?”

“What binders? You mean THE Romney binders – the ones from the presidential debate?”

She said yes. It turns out the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus has an office in the building where I had been parked. And by chance, my friend wandered into their office to say hi and they blurted out that they were the organization that compiled and supplied the binders to Mitt Romney in 2002.

Being a good Social Media guru, I grabbed my camera and rushed to the office where I interviewed the group’s executive director on video. They also supplied me with a photo of the front of one of the binders (there were two huge white binders on the floor when I arrived). And I took a photo of their door when I left for good measure.

Here’s that video, with my comment that you never know where good content is going to come from. It will never hurt you to be prepared.

What’s the best content you’ve captured just by chance?