Sabbatical 1/3 complete

June 26, 2008

The Sabbatical was developed in three, four-month parts and I began this journey on March 1. If your math is good and you’ve been following along the entire time, you’ll realize that I’m at the 1/3 mark.

After four months, I’ve queried dozens of outlets, have been in contact with multiple editors and other journalism professionals, have started work on a couple books and have created a path to follow for the remaining 2/3 of this journey.

I am still positive that I’ll be able to remain free of the shackles of my previous existence (that being an onsite freelancer for myriad clients) and forge a living and a creatively fulfilling life with columns, commentary and larger works.

More details to come on what’s ahead in the second segment. Suffice it to say, this is where the real ‘artist’ phase takes place. The guts of each book need to be slapped onto pages and deadlines will reveal themselves in the glory we all cherish (sarcasm).

Keep reading and I’ll keep you updated!