Secret Service going through the motions. Stop the shoe attacks!

December 17, 2008

When Richard Reed tried to blow up a plane with explosives in his shoes, other passengers and then security were on him in a flash. It might have taken a while for the plane to get to the ground and for Reed to be taken into custody, but nowhere did anyone fall down on the job.

Now we see an Arab journalist (for an Iraqi TV station) throwing shoes at our President at a press conference and nowhere in the frame do we see anyone from the Secret Service tackling, shooting or even glaring menacingly at the perpetrator.

Here’s the video…

Can you tell me that the brave souls in this government agency aren’t as fed up with George Bush as are the rest of the American public?

Seriously. The shoe thrower got off two shoes and some shouts before anyone even came close to him. Luckily, the President is so adept at dodging blame and playing laser tag that he deftly avoided damage from the hurled Hush Puppies.

Tell me what you think. Would Obama be quicker? Palin?

Would McCain have experienced a flashback?

What’s the deal here. I know we’re finished with this President, but do your job already. Take a shoe for the Commander in Chief. It’s your duty.

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