Seizing moments and entire days

October 13, 2009

We’ve all been there. Double-booked on the day of a great conference (today’s BIG Conference in Portland, ME); with other obligations during a social event (Ford’s coming to Boston with hybrid cars this week and I can’t go); or too spent to jet back into the city for another gathering or meeting ($2 Tacos Night is tonight and I’m unsure if I have the energy to attend).

How do you choose?

For me, I’ve been using a traveler’s approach to evaluate events and adjust my schedule. That’s when you give serious thought to whether you’ll have an opportunity again in your lifetime. The more likely that you’ll pass that way again, the easier it is to let moments and days slip away.


For example, when we missed a photo of cows wearing cowbells in a field in Germany, we made a segment of our journey a tiny mission to find more cowbelled cows…seriously. In three subsequent days of looking we didn’t find any, so that’s still on the list for an upcoming trip.


What about the chance to talk to someone, anyone, when they’re in the vicinity? I make it a point to say hello to authors because maybe I can offer advice about the trials of being on the road, doing book signings and dealing with publishers. I also like to meet new people.

Swimming is also a biggie for me, as is scooter riding. You hardly know around Boston when the weather will allow you to spend a day in the pool or out on the scooter. Variable weather and miniature seasons demand that I swim, golf, scoot and shoot photos when I can – for fear that 11 months might pass before I have the chance again.

What makes you scramble to be present and seize a moment? What drives you and how do you compartmentalize your efforts so you don’t neglect other parts of your life?

The above is something we plan to as Gary Vaynerchuk when he comes to town this Friday during his book launch. He’s appearing on my video show – – and also signing books for guests at an event I organized.

If you’ve got other things that prevent you from seizing a Friday night, I completely understand. But if you have the chance, come meet this guy. He’s an author, you get his book and a glass of wine with admission, and you’ll also allow me a chance to meet you in person if we haven’t already said hello.

C’mon, do some seizing.

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