So you want to write something?

August 28, 2008

I’m jetting off to a writer’s conference in a week and I’m also taking part in another conference in the middle of October. The conference for which I have to travel is in Atlanta and will certainly give me an opportunity to better my skills, network with other writing pro’s and columnists, and allow me to enjoy a scenic mini getaway.

The other conference is online in the middle of October and will offer me everything except the getting-away part.

I’ve never done an online writing conference, but from my research I’ve heard that it can be as useful and content-rich as you make it.

Here’s a banner and a link from the organizers of the online conference. If you can’t get away to the Society of Professional Journalists’ event next week, I suggest looking at this event or something like it to help hone your skills.

Here’s the link.

The organizer tells me that the deadline to sign up is September 1, so you’ve got five days!

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