Srsly. w00t these stinkin’ badges!

October 27, 2008

Part of being a professional writer is taking on the challenges presented by various forms of media. One such form that I’ve been having a lot of success and fun with is microblogging.

If you’re not familiar with microblogging, it’s ‘quick-hit’ missives that are broadcast to lots of people at once in forms that are easy to digest.

Take Tumblr or Twitter for example.

Well, the other amazing thing about this type of writing is the prevelance of face-to-face community.

In 20+ years of newswriting and journalism, I have seldom been able to find communities where I can learn from smart people, interact with like-minded individuals and just relax with other writers. That’s all gone now because these microblogging communities offer up a regular menu of events where people can talk shop and relax.

Just this week there are three events I’ll be attending in an effort to remain connected with a group of smart Boston-area bloggers, podcasters and media makers. I feel that I have something to offer the others who attend and I’m sure that I’ll learn something at each of these events.

*The three events are a Blog Marketing session tonight. A pizza luncheon tomorrow with Jeff Pulver. And a social media gathering at WBUR on Thursday.

But as with any big event you can’t tell the players without a program. Or at least without nametags. That’s where Tweetup Badges comes in. This little badge company in the middle of the country is now specializing in stamping out plastic ‘Tweet-up’ badges for people just like me who want to see and be seen at social media events.

And they only cost $2.10 per badge.

The badges can be personalized with a hash tag (the #xxx designation that allows people to search for a topic on Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet) and your name and Twitter id. Mine all say @jeffcutler and I’ve left the hash area blank so I can use the badges at multiple events.

**Hash tags for recent events I’ve attended include #miw, #nms08, #pcb3, #bmm100508 and #smb9.

As I go out to cover conferences like Podcamp, Mobile Internet World, Blogtoberfest and even the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I’ll be recognizable as Jeff and people can follow my articles, columns and blog posts at any of my sites with announcements of each submission on my Twitter feed.

Now isn’t that better than being a nameless, badgeless writer wandering around an exhibit hall or conference room?

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