Steve Garfield – Three Social Media Answers

November 22, 2010

The meme is rolling along nicely. Lots of participants – and none taking themselves too seriously. That’s what makes this so much fun. Here’s our next respondent in the Three Answers series….Steve Garfield.

Steve can be found on Twitter at @SteveGarfield. He’s a tea and coffee drinker, a media maker and a gentleman who has probably forgotten more about online video than I’ll ever know. He’s now on TV too! Find him and links to all his properties at

1. I figured out that I could cook noodles and an egg, at the same time, in the same pot.

2. Although it started out as a joke, I like having Ke$ha’s Tik Tok as my ringtone.

3. You’ve got to be aware of the timeliness of your content, because if you wait too long to post, people won’t be interested.

If you’d like to provide your answers for this project, send them to me at jeff (at) jeffcutler [dot] com. I’ll put them in the queue and they’ll appear in the order received. *Also include your Twitter handle and one link you’d like included in the post.