Stuff I saw at CES 2010

January 11, 2010

Just a quick list of some stuff I saw – along with links to their sites.

The rest of this week will feature a series of columns on my entire CES experience. Stay tuned!

ToolGuard – a loud, battery-powered alarm for your tool box. Not listed on their site yet, but it’s from Dynamco of Australia.

Album is a portible digital-photo storage in a 7-inch display. Stores up to 40,000 photos.

Laptop to HDTV – watch your movies on your flatscreen.

GPS transmitters to maintain tabs on your loved ones or employees.

Bluetooth headphones and in-ear pieces.

Podcasting microphones from BlueMic – they make the Snowball, the Snowflake and the Yeti.

Sync and share your computer, mobile and the cloud.

Videos and more on your TV, live streamed from your computer or similar device.

Evaluate your own car – just plug it in. CarMD.

Case-Mate has protective film that needs very little prep. They also introduced the HUG, the first real iPhone osmosis charger.

Collaborative authoring tool for your book. Use the Web to get input and feedback.

Thermal imaging. It’s neat, but I’m not sure I’d know how to use it as a consumer – unless I was going to use a surface to surface missile to take out a skunk or a pesky rabbit.

The i-Mate is like a smartphone toughbook. Waterproof, drop-proof and built to meet military specs.

System software to help speed up your PC.

Bluetooth headsets, earphones, earbuds and more. Flashy design, too.

Find Song Lyrics and Download Ringtones. Over 600,000, including hard-to-find, songs. Might be like, but with lyrics.

My favorite smartphone cases. Love the durability and the access to all my iPhone’s functions. Also love the other sports cases they offer.

Tiny scanners that are portable and work fast.

The QUE is another content reader with cool partnerships and a nice design.

Pocket Radar. Why? I say why not? It’s a neat way to judge speeds. Use it for outdoor sports, baseball and even for calibrating your scooter’s notoriously bad speedometer. Handheld.

Computer backup software. Partnered with Seagate…for the PC.

One of my favorite headphone companies. I have a pair of traditional on-the-ear headphones for most of my podcasting and leisure use…I love them.

Radio to your smartphone.