Sustainable Transportation. Genuine Communication. New Media Helps?

August 9, 2011

In my continuing quest to be a more responsible member of society and someone who saves money on transportation, I have been looking at alternative-fuel vehicles and those of different sizes. Most of you know that I ride a scooter about 30% of the time – one that gets 90MPG.

But what you might not have known is that my car already gets 33MPG and I seriously considered a Smart car a while back to even improve on that.

So, when I saw (and actually drove) the Nissan Leaf in Las Vegas in January I had a feeling it might be my next car. Trouble is, after pinging them on Twitter and getting them to agree to call me to set up the purchase of a car here in Boston, all communication stopped.

I don’t know about you, but if you were buying a TV and asked for salespeople to give you a call, you’d be pretty irked if they didn’t. For something larger – that requires a bit more of an investment in time and energy (ironically) – you’d think the company would be more receptive.

Especially as our society has become one where communication can be done anywhere and with any device. In fact, today I’ve written 11 blog posts – half of which were done on my iPhone using a BlueTooth keyboard. So if you can’t reach me with the technology that’s around today, there’s probably another reason I haven’t heard from you. What about it Nissan?

Nothing about Nissan and nothing against the car. I just wonder if the reason they haven’t contacted me is because the car isn’t ready to survive a winter in the Boston area. I’ll wait and see what happens.