Ten Facts about Me – Twitter Meme; and other Social Media Ramblings

April 8, 2012

Earlier today, on Easter Sunday, I saw a tweet or two from Mark Dykeman that had the #10FactsAboutMe hashtag attached to them. They were interesting little tidbits about Mark and made me think that I should share some tidbits about myself.

If we’ve met, one of my regular comments is that we all can bear to learn something new about our colleagues, friends, partners and even competitors. Further, I have said repeatedly that we often fall short of this goal. One big example in this argument is Mike Langford and his career as a financial specialist. For years, very few people in the social media fishbowl even realized that Mike had a background in financial services.

But that’s neither here nor there. Just provides an example that you can know someone and not really understand where they are coming from or from whence their skills have evolved. So, I took Mark Dykeman’s task to heart and put up ten of my own facts for people to enjoy. Here they are…

Essentially, ten fun little facts about my life that give people a little insight into who I am and what makes me tick. Once these were posted, I went forward with my recovery from surgery (I had an operation last Thursday), mourning the loss of my father (he’s been gone one year this weekend and it’s still very painful as anyone might imagine), and my celebration of Passover and Easter with my extended family.

There’s your Easter update from my little quarter of this planet. What have you been up to?