The Keyboard

November 9, 2010

Once in a great while I find a gadget that really gets me excited.

I find out about it because of CES (the annual Consumer Electronics Show) or because one of my friends sends me a note on it.

Well, this time I found out about my current gadget because I extrapolated a topic I read on Chris Brogan’s blog He was talking about how the iPad was a game changer and how he might start traveling only with the iPad as his communications device. I loved that idea.

But what I didn’t love was the changes that came with adopting the iPad lifestyle. I already have a heavy laptop that I use as my only computer. I didn’t need to spend another $500 or more to get a scaled down version of that. Or did I?

First step was trying to figure out what I really wanted and what I wanted it for.

1 – I travel to conferences about a dozen times a year.

2 – I dislike lugging around my laptop bag because it’s heavy and bulky.

3 – I NEED to remain connected to the Internet. This is vital so I can blog, access email and talk to people all over the planet.

So, what answers this? The iPad? Sort of? A lighter laptop – definitely. A solution somewhere in the middle? Sure.

Instead of plunking down $1100 for a laptop or $500 for an iPad, I scraped together $55 and got myself a bluetooth keyboard that pairs perfectly with my iPhone.

Sounds crazy, right? Well it’s not.

Right now, except for the horrid bumps on the Mass Pike, I am able to craft a blog post about the aforementioned keyboard and iPhone setup and you are hardly the wiser.

I’m also able to craft it quicker than hunting and pecking and touching flicking on the iPhone screen because the keyboard is full-size and very well made.

What do you use to share your content when you’re on the road?

Would an iPad work for you?

Are you comfortable using just your smartphone?

Let me know in the comments.