The Mea Culpa Pedestal

October 16, 2010

I met Jeffrey Cutler in person the other day. While many of you have followed the tale of why I put the ™ on my name with rapt attention, most of you have told me to get off my brand-focused hobby horse and give the guy a break. This time, the masses were right.

Jeffrey Cutler isn’t some guy bent on world domination and SEO manhandling of the Jeff Cutler name. He’s a pretty accomplished guy with some big credits to his name and a lot less focus on social media self importance than many of us in Social Media.

For instance, have you heard of Going? Well, Cutler was part of the team that got that success story off the ground. Have you heard of Fama PR? Well, Cutler is integral in their day-to-day operations and is focused heavily on the tech side of their efforts while remaining involved in their strategy and new media forays. And if you haven’t heard of the word philanthropy, Cutler and his family exude it.

He comes from good stock – folks like Joel Cutler and Rob Cutler and Ted Cutler – who have given away more cash than many of us will ever possess. And they’ve done it for admirable causes like CCFA and the Greater Boston Food Bank.

SO, this post isn’t to get me off the hook for being a SocMed DB, it’s to recognize that there’s definitely more to everyone you meet. Below the surface they might just be more genuine than you imagine and more interesting than you anticipate.

Thanks for sitting down with me the other day, Jeffrey. My offer to assist in any way I can stands. I like what you’re doing and apologize again for pointing fingers and jumping up and down on my virtual soapbox.