The “Wish I wrote that” file

July 27, 2008

It’s not frequently that I find myself wishing that someone else’s prose was my own. Except for Hemingway and Parker and Block and Tapply and a few others. But what I’m getting at is the reticence I have to really wish an article or column had been my idea.

Today is an exception. Aside from the myriad scooter articles appearing EVERYWHERE and my repeated queries that fall on deaf editors’ ears (only to see similar stories executed in a less skillful manner by staff writers), this is one time that I really would have liked to have written a column.

This one on zombies qualifies. Just read the headline –

The Hard Question

Why don’t zombies just eat one another?

It’s funny. It’s timely. It’s introspective. It’s brilliant.

Maybe next time.

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