Turning on the Lights Shows Customers You’re Open

January 14, 2015

While not specifically focused on social media – though isn’t all connecting a social pursuit – this post is about connecting with customers using common sense and a little empathy. Enjoy!

These days, I’m doing some work onsite for a client. I’m at their office fairly early because I live so close and it’s a great way to get a jumpstart on my work. As anyone who’s an early-bird can attest, some of the most productive hours of your day are the ones where you can work undeterred. But once the sun comes up and it’s time for people to visit your shop/store/bodega, you’ve got to show them you’re open.


To that end, the stores that don’t appear welcoming are going to lose sales to shops that have open doors, bright lights and smiling faces. From personal experience I can tell you that a lot of people won’t even expend the effort to try and open a closed door if the store behind that door looks dark or closed.

I did an experiment today at my client’s office. Instead of sitting at a desk at the back of the building banging away at the keyboard, I moved forward. I turned on all the lights and sat at a desk closest to the door. Then I propped open the door and turned on the TV for ambient sound and visuals. Guess what happened?


That’s right! A steady flow of customers strolled into the store. They saw a friendly face and a brightly lit venue and took that as a welcome mat. Did sales skyrocket just because I made the place a bit more visible and accessible? Not yet. But that’s bound to come.

It’s a strategy anyone can use and I’m surprised more places don’t do it. Essentially, when you start to think about business and the golden rule, you are able to empathize with your customers and immediately build a connection with them.

Try it. Open your door. Turn on your lights. Do more business.

What techniques have you found effective in building business? Share your industry and your methods in the comments. Thanks!