Two things, or maybe one hundred

August 26, 2008

I’ve been away for a week and I’m sorry I wasn’t posting regularly to Bowl of Cheese and to Jeff Cutler. The reasons are simple, I clogged my brain with so many great images and story ideas that I was unable to break loose and jot any of it down. Until now.

Can you imagine being a prisoner at the State Fair? Who would believe you? How would you escape?

Or what about the evil side of society that preys on the young, infirm or just oblivious? The fair is a perfect place to lose a wallet, a cell phone, your car keys or even your child.

Certainly the fair is a great place to begin a story, but what about the journey to another city? The roads in our country are manned (and womaned) by people who wouldn’t qualify to drive in other countries because their skills are so poor and their attention is so distracted.

Wouldn’t a great play be one where it’s just the dialogue between two passengers? How about the exchange between two road-weary drivers as they fight for a parking space at a rest area? Or better still, the chatter from the GPS as a tool to tell the audience what’s happening as they look backward into the car and watch the family?

Just winging out some brainstorm fodder and ramping up for a productive week. I’ve already posted a number of times at Bowl of Cheese and will be adding a few more posts here in short order. Stay tuned and if you have great jumping off points for stories or articles or even opinion pieces (I have a great one for my next blog entry by the way), share them here in the comments section.

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