Update, six-months in (approx.)

July 28, 2008

SIx months into the Sabbatical (it’s really about five, but who’s counting) and I’m just finding out what it means to be adrift in the world of journalists, columnists and writers.

Truthfully, I’ve been writing as a journalist for about 20 years but this is my first ‘no-net’ performance on the journalism stage.

It’s difficult at times, but exhilarating. And I’ve been learning so much about my motivation and skill level.

The plan is for me to keep flinging spaghetti strands of work against the wall until something sticks. And the ultimate goal – as stated before – is to find work and a career as a columnist.

If you’re in the industry, the role of columnist isn’t that much different from that of a feature writer…you just make a little more money and have some more leeway in your topic choices.

Today I’m doing the brainstorm thing and picking new topics on which to write. I’ll post new columns almost daily – if I can – to showcase my skills.

This should work pretty well later in the week when Randy Cohen has me as a guest reader on The Ethicist radio program.

Keep watching here for new stuff. I’m done writing this recap and headed over to my desk to pound out some stuff that makes both of us think.

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