June 2, 2008

I hesitate to use the word tornado because of the recent storms that have ripped through the center of our country, and the topic of things of done today pales in comparison to natural disasters. But, I have been productive and here’s a quick recap…

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Wrote and submitted a column for SavvyAuntie.com.

Wrote a note to Dave Barry and already received a response. I’m planning to ask a few questions about column writing and the path to prominence. So far everything I’ve heard back from the Barry camp has been positive.

In the same vein, I wrote a note to Dan Shaughnessy and Brian McGrory at the Boston Globe. My hope is that they will speak with me briefly about breaking into the ranks of respected and published Globe columnists.

Brainstormed a new story idea for submission to a daily paper.

Got a note from an editor regarding some of my queries.

Ate a jello parfait.

Apart from the demolition of the parfait, my day has been quite productive so far. I hope it continues.

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