Who you Callin’ Cracker?

June 30, 2011

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or ambled over to this blog looking for Jeff Cutler the award-winning Canadian architect, you realize that this Jeff Cutler is a fan of consumables. From gadgets to gourmet food, I am unabashed about my love for products. That’s why, when I heard about and subsequently saw the Crunch is Calling Wheat Thins marketing campaign, I tossed out a few tweets.

Suffice it to say that a Wheat Thins truck didn’t show up at my doorstep…

…and I wasn’t given a special-edition Wheat Thins branded iPad2 (although they have my address if they decide to do so). But I did garner a response with my tweets. In fact, the response I got cemented me as a fan of the marketing efforts and further solidified my belief that the Crunch is Calling.┬áHere’s why…

Watch the video

Look at the unboxing photos

Read the heartfelt and Wheaty letter

Now, what do you think? Does social media marketing work? Is it only effective with a rabid fan base or can it work with less motivated consumers? What other examples can you share that captured your attention and just plain worked?

Please excuse me now, if I dare utter the phrase again, “Crunch is Calling”.