Writing on the road

July 2, 2008

With a new vehicle in my stable – a Genuine Buddy scooter – I’ve been more prone to take the Hemingway route and deposit myself wherever I feel like it to write. Yesterday’s column was penned (keyboarded really) at the seashore and some other missives have been constructed over breakfast, at coffee shops, at the mall, or anywhere the muse strikes me.

This affords me the opportunity to get in some ‘fun’ time and some writing time without the debilitating fear that I’m wasting the day.

And it also removes me from the house where so many things cry out for my attention. Beds to be made, dishes to be washed, laundry to be done. All will keep until my writing assignments are wrapped up, but concentrating in the midst of these distractions is a bit much for my fragile discipline gene to handle.

Today I’ve got about a billion things on my to-do list and about four things on my writing list. The bulk of the house tasks can wait until after dark, so once I post here and at Bowl of Cheese I’ll be hopping on the scooter with my keyboard and notebook in hand and searching out some more inspiration.

Tell me what inspires you to write and how you try to beat procrastination.

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