You do what, now?

March 21, 2011

My friend Chris Brogan wrote a post the other day about what you should talk about when you meet someone. The point I took away from it – without having to go back and reread it – was that I should be more forthright in telling people what I want and why I’m the person to get those opportunities.

You see, we’re in a glut of folks who all proclaim their skillz in SocMed and various online tools. See my post from earlier this year. But as my other friend (yes, I have two friends…maybe more) Mike Langford professes, there are many folks in the world who don’t really know what your skillset is or what you can do.

Why am I writing this? Because I asked about a speaking opportunity at a conference and was almost dismissed out of hand because one of the organizers didn’t know that I…

Have run an advertising agency for two decades

Have had clients like Fidelity, TJX, Talbots, Hasbro, Gulf Oil, Uno’s, Ford Motor Company (pre-Social Media or Scott Monty), Brookstone and others.

Have spoken at Universities – UMass, Northeastern, Emerson, BU, News outlets and businesses across the globe about communication, content and topics outside of social media.

I’m also a veteran journalist and social media professional. So, maybe it wouldn’t make a difference if I share this other info with the folks at the conference. Maybe they’ve already put me in a box.

And maybe when you put someone into a pigeon hole, they’re stuck there. But I figured if I didn’t tell you about this, you might be stuck in your own pigeon hole. What is it that you can do? Does everyone know?

Then get started sharing that info with the world.