Allocacoc – neat little power outlets that can plug together – 2013 CES

January 10, 2013

Power. We all want more of it…unless we’re being electrocuted. And that’s a matter of watts vs. volts or amps or some such madness that I’m not going to explore here. But what I will explore is the cool set of configurable cube outlets that Allocacoc is bringing to market this year.

Priced from about $20 up to nearly $50, these cubes come with just outlets, outlets and USB ports, or outlets and USB ports and a long power cord. By plugging a few of these together, you can create a nearly endless collection of outlets for all your devices. I don’t recommend doing this for two reasons…. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an electrician and don’t know what they would do to your home or office.

I interviewed one of the fine folks from the company today and here’s that video. Let me know what you think about the product and what other things you’d like me to explore this week while at the 2013 International CES.