Amazing Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

July 11, 2013

From time to time, allows columnists and journalists to share their information here. This is a selection from Julissa Swoyer on the best apps you don’t want to miss.

Starting and sticking to an exercise routine is easier than ever with a few smartphone apps. Start with Nike Training Club. Itís a free iOS and Android app that includes verbal coaching as you work through each exercise. Another free Android app, Workout Trainer, uses animations and verbal cues to keep you on track. There is a huge selection of free audio books, but you need to pay a $15 per year subscription for high definition videos, human voice audio and additional workouts.

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer, a free iPhone app, provides workouts that are built into the app, or you can customize your own. The app suggests exercises based on your physical location and fitness goals. When creating these exercise and fitness apps, developers, designers and coders complete many different steps. They rely on quick reference cheatsheets. These shortcuts provide refreshers on everything from HTML to Adobe.

Basic HTML and HTML Character Entities cheatsheets provide a shortcut to all the web tags, entities and attributes coders need. The Megapixels Chart shows how many pixels per inch high quality pictures of various exercises and poses require. The Black and White Cheatsheet and Keyboard Shortcuts provide improvements to Photoshop images. Adobe Air and Adobe After Effects CS4 sheets improve Adobe performance. The Web Content Accessibility cheatsheet improves the user experience for all the smartphone apps developers, designers and coders complete.

Thanks to cheatsheets, you can easily access fitness and exercise apps that keep you on the right track. With a high quality Android or iPhone app, you always have the tools you need for fitness success at your fingertips. That means you can see images, hear video and track progress as you work out every day. See each exercise before you try it to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness. You can even receive rewards in the form of verbal praise or digital ribbons that keep your energy high. Take advantage of the hard work app developers and writer do, and try out a fitness app today.