Cell Phone Data Plans – The Rollover Reality

January 11, 2015

We just added my mother-in-law to our cell plan and ATT responded by introducing rollover data. If that’s not serendipity, what is? For years, we’ve been using our phones as phones in a diminishing capacity. The rollover minutes we received – and I speak from experience – were more than anyone could ever use. I think we now have rolled over four and a half years worth of minutes on our phone plan. But data is different.


As anyone will tell you, if you foolishly got rid of your unlimited data plan in 2011 you were sunk. With a limit of 5GB a month you wouldn’t be able to have Pandora, YouTube or even Instagram on your phone with any regularity You’d burn through data and pay $10 per gig to get more. A trip to SXSW was enough to bankrupt you…before you even paid the hotel bill.


But now the phone companies are doing things for us instead of to us. No more bending over, we’ve got rollover data. Now I’m looking forward to facetiming in the car, playing Candy Crush 24/7 and even watching videos from BuzzFeed at all hours of the day no matter where I am. It’s nirvana. Thank you AT&T, how did you know?


Is rollover for data on your phone yet? Are you excited? And if you don’t have it yet, what would you give to get this benefit? Skype me with your answer – if you have enough data. 🙂