CES Opening Day – Samsung UHD Curved Televisions

January 7, 2014

The show floor at CES 2014 is OPEN and I’ve already done a live shot in front of the newest curved televisions in the world. Samsung has created some HD curved screens that you can use in your home.

Well, you can use them on a curved surface, like in an igloo orĀ geodesic dome. But they are cool and I expect lots more will be coming.

By the way, I posted this from the Samsung Smart Lounge – follow the hashtag #SamsungCES to find out more about how they’ve made is really easy to post info and video from the show floor.

They also have some comfy couches! AND they’re going to have Shaq and Shira Lazar on TV later today.

Oh, here’s that video of the TVs…