Decibullz – Earphones that will give you a fit…they rock!

January 20, 2015

Let’s face it, everyone has drawers full of earbuds, headphones and other sound-delivery devices. We’ve gotten them with each new iPhone, iPod, Android device and even the Zune. It’s almost to the point that the collection of earphones in your junk drawer is giving your spare keys, loose cough drops and broken pens a run for their money.

UPDATE: a colleague of mine just shared this article that compares and contrasts headphones and earbuds that are on the market today. Take a look…but come back to finish reading my post.

What should you do? How about getting a pair of earbuds that actually fits in your ears and delivers functionality.


Shown to journalists at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Decibullz has done just that with their Custom Molded Earphones. While they won’t make you look like a pro athlete, mostly because they’re understated and fit IN your ears, they sound great, have a phone speaker and even come with a convenient carrying case.

Here’s the story…

Unpack the earphones and start boiling some water. Really. If you can’t boil water, these earphones are beyond your IQ.




Once you’ve got water boiled, drop in the ear molds for a few minutes to let them soften.

Then it’s about 45 seconds until you’ve created personalized earphones that are custom molded to your ears. Every crevice and bump in your ears is reflected on the mold making it stay in your ear and deliver a quasi sound-reduction function.



Seriously, that’s all it takes. Look at the photos. Even I was able to unpack the sample earphones and have them in my ears playing sweet banjo music in under nine minutes.

Verdict, if you’re looking for some fun tech as a gift for someone or for yourself, give these a shot. You can find them online at Decibullz site. They’re only $60 and if you ever want to reshape the ear molds, just pop them in water again.

You can even get the custom experience with your own earbuds by buying the Decibullz Contour Replacement Molds for $20. Take a look. The fit, finish and function is custom and pretty fun.