eGloves Touchscreen Gloves – Cold Hard Facts on Using Gadgets in Cold Weather

April 19, 2012

In the grand scheme of things, if you need to remain connected or use your devices regularly, you’re going to need a solution that allows you to work these devices when it’s cold out.

Yes, right now it’s about 81 degrees AND we had an abnormally warm Winter. But when the snow flies again in the fall and the consumer goods divisions of every company under the sun (too much climate talk here??) focus on touch functionality, everyone will need to keep their fingers warm while still enabling the use of tablets, iPhones, touch-pad computers and even smart TVs if you keep your house cold.

To that end, the folks at the Joy Factory sent me a few pairs of gloves that just plain worked for my touch devices. In fact, I’ve tried a few types of gloves in the past that hadn’t been able to activate the screens on my devices because of additional protective layers we all put on our phones and tablets. The eGloves didn’t have that issue.

Seriously, who do you know who hasn’t put some sort of secondary film or case or BOTH on their iPhone, HTC Incredible or other device to keep shrapnel and other detritus from damaging the screen? Right! Nobody! But the eGloves were able to activate my apps, open my screens, slide stuff across and even allow me to play Angry Birds with easy.

The material isn’t scratchy wool either, so I didn’t get all itchy when trying to use these gloves. According to the literature (yes, there’s literature that comes with these), The Joy Factory says “carefully knitted with the finest fabric to keep your hands warm and comfortable.” And they are.

That’s it. They work. If you use your devices in the cold, they’re worth the $25 they cost.