emWave2 by HeartMath – Relax, he said – product review

August 27, 2012

As you’ll hear from a lot of people – especially if you’re high-strung – you would be better served if you had a way to relax and calm your entire body. The stress you’re putting your body and mind through by getting all worked up isn’t something healthy.

As true as that is, most of us don’t have the time or money to go get the requisite treatment. My preferred regimen is a full-body massage and a few days off from work. That doesn’t work for everyone, and in many cases people only have small blocks of time in which to get themselves back on track. Enter the emWave2 by HeartMath.

This little device, and it is little – about the size of a chopped down iPhone or maybe a pack of Pall Malls. OK, I was going for the unhealthy joke there, but the unit is small enough to fit in nearly any pocket and it charges and runs via USB. So the emWave2 can be taken with you anywhere to help you get a handle on your overall mind, body and emotions. The really cool thing is that you can use the device remotely and then download data for review and comparison when you get home. This gives you a real understanding of how well you’re doing over time.

In fact, the literature in the box talks about how the emWave2 can transform the physiological response you have to stressful situations. By giving you the power to control your physical reactions to situations, this little device is said to help you be more creative, productive, happy and healthy. What did I find? A mixed bag.

I’m not a fitness nut, but I am a strong believer in the power of the mind and the connection your mind has to your body. This gadget is right up my alley because it tests a lot of the things I already understood to be true – like if you can remain calm in thoughts, your body and pulse will remain calm. If you can be ‘centered’ (define that however you’d like), then you can be healthier and more balanced overall. But all of these things are difficult to do. That’s why so few people have really good emotional and physical balance and that’s why we might need a device like the emWave2 to help us.

In a nutshell, the emWave2 connects to your computer and a little clip goes on your earlobe. The device tracks your pulse and gives you feedback to help you control your pulse with just calm thoughts and concentration. I found that I was able to slow my pulse down and feel more relaxed after a few sessions with the emWave2. I also found that if I didn’t maintain calming thoughts after I was done with my session, then my emotions and pulse jumped back up.

As with any healthcare-type technology, I think a longer-term test would reveal even more beneficial data. Just like doing an exercise program for two days isn’t going to turn you into Charles Atlas, using the emWave2 for two weeks isn’t going to calm you dramatically. I could definitely see that after a few sessions, though, it was easier to find my ‘happy’ place and get myself calm. I also liked that it was easy to use, charged right from the USB cable, and the instructions were straightforward and clear.

Bottom line…

At just over $200, the emWave2 is worthwhile if you are looking for a good way to take control of your wellness and find a way to be calmer. I like the methods they use and I found it starting to work when I had to send my review unit back. Even then, I didn’t get overly agitated, so it must have done some good.

Here are a few quotes from some other users – yes, provided by HeartMath, so take with a grain of salt. But they also did an informative Webinar on the product where you can learn more and really see if it is for you. That’s at the HeartMath Website.

“In these highly stressful times, I find the emWave as my reconnection to reality! Racing through airports, coping with the daily barrage of phone calls and emails, and dealing with short-tempered people, it’s easy for me to lose control of my emotions, forget what’s important and suffer the physical side-effects of unending stress. But with my emWave I can now instantaneously monitor my level of stress and regain control of my inner self. It not only helps me calm down, but it vastly improves my performance. And what’s best is that it’s a cool little gadget that’s easy to use and fits right in my pocket. I recommend the emWave for anyone who wants to reduce stress and take charge of their emotional well-being.” 

–Charles B. Inlander, President, People’s Medical Society  

“Using the emWave has enabled me to recognize the effects of stress on my body at any given time, which then allows me to use the HeartMath techniques to immediately help relieve this stress position. My tournament performances in Germany and Holland were helped by the use of HeartMath.emWave can recognize stress levels not otherwise detectable.”

–Ian Woosnam, 2006 European Ryder Cup Captain and 1991 Masters winner

Have you used devices like this for your wellbeing? What did you think? Would love to hear from you in the comments.