gdgt in Boston – Fun New Tech – Smiling Faces

October 19, 2012

I’m a technology journalist. I review, report on and share information about the consumer technology landscape with audiences all over the world. That said, I would love to have the respect, readership and access the guys at gdgt have. So, when they came to Boston the other day, I made it my mission to kick the tires on all the tech at their party and to take some cool photos. I think I succeeded.

What’s below are the highlights of my attendance at the #gdgtbos event at Bijou Nightclub in Boston this past Wednesday.

What is technology without food? It’s still technology, but the fuel provided for my body by gdgt was tasty. Kudos for the variety and quality. I’m thinking I might even do a post on just the food segment of this event over on my Food and Travel blog. Here are a few photos…

Now let’s look at some of the tech. Here’s a list of vendors and links who were at the show and a little collection of photos of their booths and products. I want to give props to a few vendors who provided me with review products – you’ll see those reviews in upcoming posts. These include the fine folks at Speck Products (iPhone and other mobile device cases) and the guys at Antec (chargers and other power and sound solutions).

Across two floors of the club, I ran into people from:

Abine; Backupify, Belkin, Meetup, Drobo, Escort, Gazelle, HTC, iRobot, Isabella, Looxcie (cool live helmet or ear cam that came out two years ago, but I still want to play with one), Netgear, Olympus, Phiaton, Roku, Seidio, Slingbox (another cool product I haven’t put through its paces yet), Western Digital, Wrapsol, Antec (as mentioned before), Cobra, eBay Electronics, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Speck, SugarSync and Tivo.

Hand model Steve Garfield shows a pair of bluetooth headphones at the #gdgtbos event.

Jeff Cutler (the author) and Peter Rojas of gdgt.

The line wrapped around the block at 7:30pm just after the doors opened.

Were you there? What did you think of the event?