Location-based Service

January 4, 2011

I’m usually talking tech and today is no different as I cover the ASUS press conference at the Aria Hotel and Casino. But if you’ll look at my title to this post, it’s not really about location based services but services at a particular location.

In this case, the Aria Hotel.

Earlier this morning I was frustrated. Not because of the chilly weather or the fact I had decided not to rent a car in the world’s worst walking city ever – Las Vegas. But I was frustrated because I had planned to get ahead of the game and go get my press badgeholder.

One of the locations listed for pickup on the http://cesweb.org site was the Aria Hotel. So I ran across the street into a stymie like I’ve never experienced. Nobody knew where the badgeholders were….save one person in the group sales area.

And then when I got to the desk in the bowels of the hotel near the tour bus lobby (a single table with two people at it), there were not press badgeholders on hand.

Suffice it to say I roared a bit and griped to CEA. I also had to walk a billion miles to the Venetian where I was able to get my badgeholder.

While all that might have bitterer me for the entire week, the folks at the Aria were great. Even though they couldn’t help me with my quest, they could help me to the best of their ability.

For that effort, and for their unflappable nature in the face of an angry Jeff, I salute them.

You can fine Aria via social media at http://twitter.com/arialv and I suggest you give them a follow.

Now back to our regularly scheduled tech event – CES11.