Missing #CES2015 – But Excited to Hear About New Tech

January 3, 2015

In one day, the madness that is #CES2015 begins in Las Vegas, NV. With it will come thousands of journalists and likely an equal number of wannabe tech reporters and bloggers. As these hordes descend on Vegas, companies from all over the world will start to pull back the curtain on the latest in consumer technology.

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To be clear, the show really starts on Tuesday, but Sunday sees the start of press conferences, events and parties related to the unveiling of gadgets and goodies. For eight years, I’ve seen these tech devices and services first-hand. Flying in on Saturday, I’d get set up in a hotel off the strip and then cement my schedule with dozens of PR folks and sales representatives. But this year is different…I’m not going.

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While I’d love to be among the ranks reporting on the advances and new products coming to market, I’ve got two cats to feed and a mortgage to pay. I’ve also got a few clients who need me in Boston while CES is going on, so I made the hard decision to skip the show and watch from afar.

Yes, I’ll be missing the immediacy of getting my paws on the latest tech. Yes, I’ll probably miss out on a few parties and late nights in Sin City. But I’ll also be first in line to get review samples and press releases as events happen and as new technology is introduced. In fact, most of the companies I’ve reached out to are shipping me their brand new products even before they fly into Vegas this week. Fun stuff!

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So, watch this space for details over the next few weeks. And keep an eye on some of my colleagues at the show as they share the breaking news and events from across the country. Twitter accounts for each content creator or journalist are linked to their name: Julio Fernandez, Jeffrey Powers, Michael Kwan, Robert Scoble and Hiawatha Bray.