Northeast Call Center Forum – NECCF – Conference at Gillette Stadium

June 4, 2013

Call centers. They’re what makes customers feel good. They’re a point of contact for anyone who wishes to speak with a company about a product, service or concern. So, on a pretty regular basis, the folks at NECCF get together to do training, hold conferences, host vendor events, and generally help its members understand the latest technology in the call center world.

Today, I’m sitting at a table on the Putnam Investments level of Gillette Stadium. Yes, this is the Patriots stadium down in Foxboro, MA. Though the only game that’s going on is the learning and sales game in the exhibitor and workshop areas. The attendees are privy to all the deep dark secrets of call center management. And the vendors here are offering solutions as concrete as Plantronics headsets on which to talk to customers, all the way up to cloud-based contact management software and support.

It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds and I wanted to share a few photos to let you know that this group is excited about their industry and they do good work in helping folks build their businesses and operate smoothly. For more info on the organization, go here. And stay tuned, I hope to be taking a tour of the stadium later and will share those photos in a separate post.

Here’s the photo gallery of my day in Foxboro…