Pagelines leContest – Tech Coders and Developers Wanted

November 4, 2011

While at Blogworld Expo in Los Angeles this week, I took a quick walk around the show floor and kicked the tires at each of the exhibits.

My goal – as is the case sometimes – was to find candy, shwag, warmer T-shirts than I had taken with me to California, and some cool new contests. After entering a few iPad and iPhone contests, I strolled by the PageLines booth. It looked to me that the company was offering just another plug-and-play solution for making Websites or blogs.

Let me say for a second that of the dozens of exhibitors at BlogWorld, there were more than a handful of Website-tool companies. This leads me to believe that everything that’s out there right now still leaves users wanting in some way. According to PageLines, they started with the thought that they could create a solution that…

…solves the problem where your Website always looks like shit.

I was intrigued, so I decided to spend a few minutes at a demo reception for the company. What did I learn there (other than there are new things coming on December 8)? That the company is running a contest for coders and developers – mostly because they want to ensure that their launch of the 2.0 version of their PageLines Store has great stuff in it.

So, what’s the contest all about? It’s a three-week contest starting right now and going through November 21 for developers and designers. To enter, folks should go to the contest site here. But the short version of this promotion is that if you create one of the top products for the store – in three categories: sections, themes or plug-ins – then you win a flight, hotel and admission to LeWeb’11 in Paris, France.

Interesting? I think so.

Good for consumers? I think it will be, but it’s not all there yet. I’ll take another look in a couple weeks and I’ll see what additional information I can get from the founders of PageLines about the eventual 2.0 version of the Store.

What are you using now to make your Websites? Why does this work – or not work – great for you?

*I’m using self-hosted WordPress installs to establish and maintain my blogs and other sites.