Reventón Wireless Computer Mouse – Lamborghini

April 18, 2012

The folks who create Road Mice tell you to cruise the Web in Style. Well, it’s actually as easy as they say.

While I’m a regular reviewer for the folks over at Automotive Rhythms, I also poke around quite a bit at technology devices. This collectible, wireless mouse was as easy as pushing the start button on a new Hyundai. I just ripped open the box, plugged in the miniature USB connector and put the batteries into the unit.

Lo and behold, the lights lit up, the mouse wheel and buttons were functional and the car allowed me to abandon my trackpad for a cool little Lamborghini. Fun stuff.

Sadly, the car isn’t as full-size or functional as its Italian brethren, but I loved it. Here are a few shots of the car/mouse in action.

To find out more, go to Road and select the model(s) you want to use to get your computer on the fast track to productivity. For the Reventón, they charge $50. But when compared to the cost of the original at about $2Million, it’s a pretty good deal. The other cars at Road Mice include cop cars and other cool vehicles.

Do you need a car to power your mouse? I’m not sure it’s necessary. But it’s a fun little desk item for folks who spend long hours in front of a computer. And it’s a little bit of style for anyone who might not have an extra couple million hanging around.