Review: FlashPoint Autostand – from Adorama

September 14, 2015

The discussion I had the other day with a photographer was where I fell in the spectrum of professional vs. amateur. My contention was that I eek out a little money from my photo projects and the bulk of my income comes from writing. I also don’t have the best tier of equipment and am still filling in gaps for lighting and event gear. *That changed a little while ago when FlashPoint sent me their 9-Foot FlashPoint Autostand to review (see paragraph three where I start talking about this product in earnest).

My friend also felt that if I had a dedicated online storefront for my photography – which I do – then I’m a professional and should be afforded (and handcuffed by) the issues other professional shooters face. These include limited access to contests; full disclosure at news events and entertainment venues; more respect from various audiences; and so forth.

I’m inclined to agree with him that I’m now more firmly in the pro field with the addition of the FlashPoint Autostand to my arsenal of photography tools. Before acquiring the Autostand, my lighting process for headshots, event coverage, family photos and even sports was limited to putting a speedlight/flash on my camera or sliding it into a little plastic holder and placing it where I hoped it would do the most good. That’s all changed.

Now, instead of running all over the place, holding a flash in one hand and the camera in the other, and other random arrangements you can only imagine, my lighting life is easy. I purchased a lightbox that will accept a speedlight and then – with the lightweight and versatile FlashPoint Autostand, I’m able to do headshots, boudoir photography, avatars, group shots, corporate gigs and even special events at weddings and other celebrations.

Here are two photos – one taken with natural light and one using the Autostand to help me direct the right light onto my subject. I think you’ll agree that the second photo is more dramatic, powerful and looks more professional.



All it takes is about 37 seconds setting up the Autostand and then it’s immediately ready from that point forward. When I say 37 seconds, that’s all the time it took me to adjust the height for my regular gigs. The time it takes to set up is negligible…on the order of five seconds. Just unzip the carrying case, pull out the stand and unscrew one adjustment. The stand then pops into place and I can attach the lightbox or any accessories I need to make my photoshoots successful.

As you can see in these shots, I put a lightbox on the Autostand and it’s perfectly sized for the low-ceilinged room in which I was shooting.









Ultimately, the stand makes me more versatile and makes it easier for me to set up and shoot anywhere. The stand comes in a 9-foot and a 7-foot size, making it even more portable if you go with the shorter one. But both are great and very affordable for anyone starting out in the field. Further, if you’re already an established photographer and just need a solid, easy to use solution for another light or other accessory, I can’t recommend these FlashPoint Autostands enough. Find out more on the Adorama site and let me know what you think!