Review: A Pyramid of Power from Accell Powramid

March 24, 2014

The Accell Powramid looks like a little pyramid, but it solves one of the biggest office problems we all face – where can we plug in our stuff?! With six outlets on top, and two USB outlets on the side, the Powramid is the power strip that isn’t a strip.


Instead of a straight plank of plugs that often ends up with overlapping power adapters plugged into it rendering some spots on the ‘plank’ unusable, the Powramid makes good use of space. Each plug is about 60-degrees offset from the next one in the circle on top of the Powramid so even bulky PC plugs will fit. In fact, even Mac power plugs – the square white converter/adapter plugs – fit nicely around the top with no overlap problems.


Accell bills the Powramid as a Power Center – USB Charging Station. And it is…but it’s more.

The innards are crafted with 1080 Joules of surge protection so all devices are protected. You can tell when it’s on because the blue switch on top is depressed. That blue on-off switch is also protected from accidental bumps by a clear plastic guard – so you actually have to switch the power center on or off on purpose.


With a six-foot, heavy-duty power cord, the Powramid reaches across desks, conference tables and supply rooms with ease. It comes in black or white and MSRP is $34. I like it and highly recommend it as a solution for tight spaces and folks who are always running into spots where their plugs need to have a little more room. It would be great for conferences like SXSW or NMX where there’s never enough plugs to go around because one honkin’ big plug has made other outlets inaccessible. Good job Accell!

You can buy the Powramid online there or at other retail outlets, both brick and mortar and online.