Smarter plug design

August 23, 2010

I spend enough of my life in hospitals that I’ve seen all sorts of equipment. Syringes, gauges, pumps, whosits, whatsits, etc. There’s also a slew of electronics.

For the electrical gear, I sometimes wonder about the safety. Specifically the safety of having electrical cords always being yanked out of walls and replugged in. I mean, plugs can get frayed at the end and a hospital isn’t a place that is Sahara-desert dry.

Can you say SHOCKING?!

Well, take a look at what’s been introduced – at least at Faulkner Hospital in Boston.

This plug has a handle around it so the stress of removal from the wall is put on the case and the handle, and not on the plug. No more worries about frayed cords. No more worries that lazy workers will ruin equipment. It’s an awesome little design change, don’t you think?
Just something I noticed today. If you’ve got a product or even an item review you want to share, send me an email with your idea. I’ll probably just have you write it and post it here on the site.
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