Tea Forte Lumiere

December 25, 2008

I’m sitting on the futon waiting for my tea to steep in a gift I got from my Secret Santa. Some of the info you’re used to getting – like price and selection of comparable gifts won’t be available as I got this for the holiday and didn’t do any shopping of other lines or brands before purchase.

But I might say that this product already has no equal in my house.

The silverware drawers are chock-full of infusers and assorted ways to brew loose tea leaves, but none seem as classy and complete as this tea set.

The Lumiere comes with ten infusers (different flavors of tea in tall triangular sachets), a double-walled Morehouse Glass for sipping the tea, and a glass tea tray for holding your used or new tea bag.

Here are some photos.

Along with the Morehouse Glass is a lid with a hole in the center. This allows you to fit the unique tea bag ‘leaf’ through the hold and keep the steam inside the glass.

The double-walled construction really keeps the outside cool to the touch. In fact I think I burned my tongue when first sipping from this glass because I was lulled into thinking the tea was cooler than it was.

You can find more info at Teaforte.com, but if you’re a tea lover give this set – or likely any of their sets a try. I’m giddy that it’s so refined and allows me to enjoy proper tea properly.

Four out of five stars, mostly because I can’t imagine it was too inexpensive.