Tucano Work Out laptop bag

August 9, 2011

You might have noticed that it’s been a couple months between reviews. That’s just a condition of the market. Companies put out a TON of stuff working their way up to the big consumer technology shows in the winter and then things go dry for a while. I use that time to write posts on my other sites and to catch my breath.

That said, the season is heating up again and I’m getting weekly requests to review products and tech gadgets. So here’s a quickie review on a laptop bag I was provided to evaluate…the Tucano Work Out.

While it’s not super-big, it’s definitely sturdy and holds my 13-inch Macbook very well. I used it for two months to carry the laptop on the back of my scooter and as a backpack and it was great. The only drawback I found was that the space inside this sleek bag was minimal. It’s definitely a better bag for someone with a slimmer laptop or a tablet.

It runs about $70 and the version I had was the Vertical. You can get it in other configurations as well. Here’s the link to the Tucano site and the specific bag I had. I did this review for the folks at Tech Superpowers down at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA. They’re a dealer of Mac products and accessories, and also a service center for Apple.

My advice, if you’ve got an iPad or one of the Air models, this bag has lots of protection and pockets. It’s a bit minimalistic in design for the clunky power blocks that computer manufacturers supply, but it can carry cords and some paper and a good deal of other little accessories. It’s also got padding in the right areas, can function as a backpack and has sturdy handles.

Here are a few more shots…