Video: Interview with Michael Cassara of Tiffen Filters

February 14, 2014

Cameras are becoming a larger part of my business and social life. And as I take more photos and video, I’m often compelled to find ways to take better shots or soften scenes or even change the lighting that comes into the camera. One of the least obtrusive ways to do this is via a filter. Just screen one onto the end of the lens and you’ve changed your imaging landscape – literally.

From colored filters to ND (neutral density) filters that allow you to take long exposures, I’m trying all sorts of stuff to expand my photo portfolio. I have filters from all different companies in my bag, but I had the opportunity to chat with Tiffen, so I jumped at the chance.

In this interview with Michael Cassara of Tiffen Filters, I found out what filters are good for; the basic reason most people use a filter, and the process Tiffen uses to make its products.

Some cool notes before you watch the video. Tiffen filters are made in the USA. There are filters out there that let you soften the look of water – really! And Tiffen has software that can help you adjust photos after you’ve taken a shot or a video. Regardless of what you’re doing with the camera, if there’s something out there that helps you be more creative, I’m all for it.

Here’s the interview… *You can reach Tiffen on Twitter and also Tiffen on Facebook, and they’re also, duh, on Instagram.

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