Wish List

Jeff Cutler’s Wish List – Updated 11/21/23 at 3:31PM

tl:dr = scroll around and pick something from the list – or inspired by the list – to purchase for Jeff

This handy guide is designed to help you feel less guilt and more goodwill. Your care is noted and where possible, a similar level gift may find its way in your direction some day.


Tickets to the Portland Storm (or whatever semi-pro soccer team is local) – Feel free to provide me with one ticket and use the other for yourself

Strong black tea…strongest you can find…Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, etc.

$2 or $5 scratch tickets. Nothing too complicated to understand

Gustaf’s Rainbow Laces

GU packets (EMS, REI, other sporting good stores) in vanilla or other basic flavor.

Trading cards – Soccer specifically – you can be creative with years – card shows and Target usually carry these.

Soccer-specific GRIP SOCKS. Size 9-12 or whatever the adult range is

Water bottles/sports bottles – looking for one or two more sports bottles to bring with me to soccer.

Gift Cards to any of the following: Byrne’s; Bath Brewing; Burano’s; Dick’s Sporting Goods; SeaDog Brewing; Target; Jersey Mike’s; Starbuck’s; Mocha Joe’s; Cumberland Farm’s; XR Crossroad’s Sandwiches; LL Bean or other fine retail establishments that make me smile.

Headbands for playing soccer or for just looking cool. Absorbent and interesting is preferred.

A shoe horn

A pedicure and/or manicure