Wish List

Jeff Cutler’s Wish List – Updated 10/31/22 at 3:31PM

This handy guide is designed to help you feel less guilt and more goodwill. Your care is noted and where possible, a similar level gift may find its way in your direction some day.


Tickets to the Portland Storm (or whatever semi-pro soccer team is local) – Feel free to provide me with one ticket and use the other for yourself

Strong black tea…strongest you can find…Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, etc.

$2 or $5 scratch tickets. Nothing too complicated to understand

Gustaf’s Rainbow Laces

GU packets (EMS, REI, other sporting good stores) in vanilla or other basic flavor.

Gift card to the sushi truck that hangs out on the Brunswick Green.

Hooded sweatshirts from random colleges or brands – nothing Republican. So Nike is OK, Chick Fil -a is not. Underdog is OK. Davey and Golliath is not.

Erdinger Hefeweizen.

Soccer ball – size 5 NIKE FLIGHT model (it is IMPOSSIBLE to duplicate this gift…so any and all balls will be accepted – DO NOT SPEND OVER $30 on this)