Wish List

Jeff Cutler’s Wish List – Updated 10/7/17 at 5:41PM

This handy guide is designed to help you feel less guilt and more goodwill. This page will be updated as much as possible to make gift buying easier. Be aware, any day is a good day for buying and giving gifts.

Some example holidays for gift giving include Groundhog Day, Birthday, May Day, Solstices of All Kinds, First and Last Day of Work, Full Moons, High Tides, Chanukkah, Christmas, Half-Birthdays and the list goes on.

You are encouraged to use the items on this pages to guide your shopping. While direct links are provided, you can procure items however you see fit. I don’t care how you get the gift, just that it makes its way to me somehow. Pricing is not shown here so my links comply with Amazon policies.

Thank you for your time and attention. Your care is noted and where possible, a similar level gift may find its way in your direction some day.


Tickets to the Boston Bruins – Feel free to provide me with one ticket and use the other for yourself.

$2 or $5 scratch tickets. Nothing too complicated to understand.

Whale watch trip.

Dead cat for my Video Mic – to keep sound away

Official Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer

Go-Pro Hero5 Session Holiday Bundle

iSportGo suction cup mount for Go-Pro and other cameras

ePhoto Inc. Chromakey Green and Blue pop-out background 5×7

Gourmet grape laces

Dunkin Donuts gift card

Bestmaple Drone Antenna Amplifier for my Phantom 3 Standard

MORE items being added daily…please come back to look.